Sue's Stories: Part 1

Welcome to my website. Home for some of the Blake's Seven inspired stories I have written over the last thirty plus years. Hopefully I can archive them here for future reference. 

    First up is a Post GP Story that I suddenly decided to write after watching B7 again after a break. Grandson, aged 9, was staying over that night so we sat up and watched an episode.

    This story began, in part, as an answer to his question after watching the very last episode, 'Blake'. What happened next? He asked. 

    In answer I wrote this story, hoping that it might possibly encourage him to read. It hasn't worked, he's still on his DS and into Pokemon! 

    Provisionally entitled 'A New Beginning', this is the first story I've written in ages and I'm still tweaking it!    

    However, after part one was finished, I still felt it needed a bit more, plus a conclusion! Parts one, two, three, four and five are now here. Part four has turned out to be somewhat bleak. Part five concludes the story.....but you never know!

  I hope you enjoy this little offering which takes place 30 years after the devastating events on Gauda Prime and involves some old, familiar characters and some new younger faces!  

    Some of the earlier stories can be found by clicking on the 'Other stories link' on the the left. This will take you Sue's Websites  2 and 3. These stories were written back in the 1980's and were either printed using a Roneo Duplicator or Photocopied. 

   'All Our Tomorrows', the very first story that I wrote can be found on Website 2.

   'Antagonist', a Series 4 story, is there as well.

   As is 'Denial', a Series 3 story. Once again please follow the links to Website 2. With it is a very short story which was published in the LPF's Newsletter dated Nov 1981. It is called 'The FInal Farewell' and takes place during the Series 4 episode 'Rescue'.

   'Showdown', a Series 4 story can also now be found on Part 2. It was published in Slave Issue 5, which was produced by Alex Delicado in December 1982 

    Now, in Sue's Stories, Part Three, is the entire second Post GP story that I published with the help of Sylvie and Maria in Shadow One, in 1985.

    It is called 'Full Circle'. 

    Since 2014 I have started writing B7 stories with the help of 'Lurena', whom I met on the Fansite Horizon. These new adventures can be located via the link pages at Lectori Salutem; LaraSue's Stories.